Anneliese Aranygaluska



A Dwarven Mad Scientist


Anneliese is a princess from the Gumdrop Mountains in the South of The Land of Sweets. Although she her passions lay in the sciences, she was determined to fulfill her role of princess, and tried to be aware of her privileged life. Amongst her friends she counted her tutor, Julian, and Erika, a girl from the castle town that looked remarkably like Anneliese! Although her widowed mother was doing her best for their kingdom with the help of her advisor Preminger, the nation was on the verge of collapse and bankruptcy. Their gold mines seemed to have run dry long before expected, and the economy was suffering for it. Still, the queen stayed proud and resisted offers of help from neighboring sources. One night while Anneliese was researching alchemical methods of creating gold, she was kidnapped from the palace by unknown assailants. The next day, as she made her escape, she over heard her captors talking to their boss, Preminger! He had wanted to break the queen’s spirit and convince her to submit to the Rat King, who had recently risen to power. He was berating his lackeys, for he had just seen the princess at the castle. Anneliese made her escape, but when she returned home she found Julian had brought Erika to the castle to pose as the princess, to prevent a panic. After much discussion, Anneliese decided she was going to go out and prove Preminger’s part in the sabotage of the mine and his involvement with the Rat King.

Based on Princess Anneliese from Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper(2004)

Anneliese Aranygaluska

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