Delancey Dacquoise

A fucking lady.


Delancey was raised believing that she would ascend to the Candy Kingdom throne after the untimely demise of her Uncle, the king, her Aunt, the queen, and their infant daughter. Never formally crowned, her mother has served as steward to the throne and has groomed Delancey since childhood for this position. Her mother did little to hide her contempt for her late brother and his wife, who had been human, and would tell Delancey the throne was being returned to its rightful heirs. When a soothsayer at a carnival stall told Delancey the true heir still lives, she paid no attention. But when the Rat King rose up with a conquering army, a prophecy was discovered predicting his defeat at the hands of the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. The only problem was, Delancey did not fit the prophecy. Forced to face the truth of the matter and driven by her love for her people, Delancey is determined to find the lost princess to save her kingdom. Even though it means turning against her own mother. The only person she still keeps in contact with is her friend Portia.

Delancey has discovered a new piece of herself. These new friends of hers confused her at first. What a group of ruffians! However, they have become a family, one she really had never experienced before, one of acceptance and camaraderie. She will protect these girls with all of her powers and strength.

The mysterious Nutcracker. Delancey is a royal, she knows all the ins and outs of how to talk to anyone. Except this man. For some reason, despite never seeing his face, she has an unexplained attraction and it throws her off her groove. She looses all sense of decorum and becomes tongue-tied. She has however impressed the Nutcracker by conquering the mansion he had warned her not to go into in record time. Because she is a strong independent woman!

The prophecy, as it was translated by a scholar at the royal museum, goes as follows:
When the greatest enemy rises to threaten the land
The missing leader must be found
Seek out the one of two worlds
The savior of lands past
Will once again bring salvation

Based on Delancey Devin from Barbie Princess Charm School(2011)

Delancey Dacquoise

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