Kara Kouign-amann

The happiness priest.


An Arakocra Bright Lord


Kara hails from Mount Caramel in the North of The Land of Sweets, from a domain known as Windemere. Although no monarchy or ruling class exists in Aarakocra culture, she comes from a well respected family within her flock. A very reclusive race, Kara was considered an oddball for wanting to explore the world below the cotton candy clouds. But Kara always had a talent for spreading happiness and light where ever she went, and she wanted to share that gift with the world. When the Rat King began his march across the land, most of Kara’s flock regarded it as only a problem for land dwellers. Though Kara wanted to help fight the tyrant, she remained on her mountain until another Aarakocra, named Ravendale, began preaching the advantages of allying with the rat king, to claim more land and treasures. It was then Kara left her home, determined to stop the Rat King before his greed and villainy could taint her homeland anymore.

Arguably the nicest bird you’ll ever meet, Kara is as loving as she is oblivious. This is sometimes misconstrued incompetence, but those who underestimate her find themselves regretting it sooner rather than later.

Her father, Hugin, is deceased. Her mother, Anthene, is an important council member, and her sister, Anira, works with the natural caramel deposits find new and exciting uses for them.

Based on Kara from Barbie in Princess Power(2015)

Kara Kouign-amann

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