Mariposa of Flutterfield

I turn invisible.


A Fairy Rogue


Her best friend is Willa, another fairy of her social standing. A librarian of the royal library she met and befriended Prince Carlos. Since the library was mainly ignored save for Carlos, Mariposa is very well read and would on occasion sneak Willa in to hide from her overbearing “employers”. Mariposa then got to experience the joy of her two best friends hitting it off and then sometimes having to cover for Carlos when officials coming calling for him and he with Willa.

When the queen fell ill Carlos entrusted Mariposa with the task of retrieving the cure and she left Flutterfield for the first time. She met Anneleise in the Bewilderness and everything has gone down from there. Mariposa is now on a quest to find a way to overthrow her queen and also maybe the Rat King.

Based on Mariposa from Barbie: Mariposa(2008)

Mariposa of Flutterfield

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