A liar McLiarpants


A Kenku Rogue


Odile posed as a hummingbird arakocra healer named Colibri in La Luz, and ran a successful business for some months. Once the players made it to the secret vault in the sunken library, however, it was revealed she was a kenku in disguise there to steal a magic pendant. When the group discovered she was hired by a fairy named Laverna to retrieve the pendant and the book, the group decided to match Laverna’s price instead of fighting Colibri. With her gold in hand, Colibri happily went on her way.

Months later, the group ran into her again in the Candy Kingdom. Now she was Anatidae, a swan working at the Royal Museum. After rescuing Delancey from an unfortunate situation, she introduced herself as Odile and told the players that their interests happened to align. She offered to help the players steal an artifact from the vault, as long as they helped her steal a tiara inlaid with amethysts. So far she’s kept up her end of the bargain, but can she be trusted?


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