Guys, where's Ro?


A Half-Elf Druid


Ro grew up on a small island off the west coast of The Land of Sweets, in an area known as The Sea of Storms. There, she was found and raised by a peacock and a red panda named Azul and Sagi, respectively. Having been very young at the time, Ro has no memory of how she came to the island or her life before it. She grew up very happy and well cared for, so never really questioned where she came from. A dwindling mammoth population lived on this island, and when the last adults died Ro adopted and raised their baby, who she named Tika. For many years Ro lived happily with her odd family, and Tika grew into an adolescent. Ro would hear news from the gulls who flew between the island and the mainland, and so learned of the Rat King and his march across the Land of Candy. Although this captured Ro’s attention, she did not intend to do anything until the day a small scouting party of the rat king’s army came to her island. These soldiers, bored with such a menial task, decided to hunt to stave off boredom. When Ro discovered the party she fought them off using the nature magic she had acquired, but not before the soldier had found Tika. Furious, Ro swore to follow the retreating party and make them and their king pay for their trespasses. Of the many new friends Ro has made, her favorite is probably Bonnie, a bonbon bat she found and named.

Based on Ro from Barbie as the Island Princess(2007)


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